Lift Slide Doors

Lift Slide Doors

Lift slide doors by Solar Innovations® contain panels that rise off the track when in operation. The panels move with great ease and can be opened with one hand and closed with just the push of a finger. The door handle is the home of the lift slide technology; the gaskets are lifted when you turn the handle, which then lifts the panels and allows them to smoothly travel across the track. Once the panels are in place, you turn the handle once more, and the door locks in place.

Standard lift slide units consist of two, three, and four panel units, with a maximum panel size and weight of 440 pounds and 50 sq. ft. This system contains the best seals available on the market, so you won’t have to worry about water entering at the sill or harsh winter drafts. The aluminum profiles of the lift slide system also allow these doors to provide superior thermal performance.

Air, water, and structural tests are higher with the lift slide door system than with the traditional sliding glass door system.

Patio Doors Alternative

Lift slide doors provide an alternative to traditional patio doors. These units are controlled with a simple turn of the wrist and push or pull. Turning the handle allows the unit to move, by lifting the door and removing the pressure on the gaskets for easy mobility. Simply rotating the handle down reseals the door and provides security and thermal performance.

Available Options

Also available in window sizes, each lift slide panel is constructed out of thermally isolated aluminum frames which will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. Lift slide doors are a variation of a traditional sliding door; the basic design remains the same, with panels that slide on a track. Pocketing doors are available options with lift slide doors on one side or both left and right sides.

Hurricane Impact Rated

Our company currently offers the largest selection of products tested for Florida ratings, tested to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Ease of Operation

Solar Innovations’ systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort. Much of our hardware is manufactured in house which allows us to control lead times.

Vertical Integration

Solar manufactures not only its products but also many of the components it uses for the hardware. This allows us to better control lead times to help server our customers better.

Monstrous Sizes

Solar Innovations has the ability to manufacture even larger panels that operate with greater ease for several functions: folding, sliding, swinging, and stacking.

Lift Slide Door ConfigurationsLift Slide vs. Sliding Door

The following are differences in a lift slide system as compared to a traditional multi-track sliding door.

  • Much less effort is required to slide the panels. Each door glides smoothly over the track with less physical strength required.
  • Every panel is thermally insulated and uses a minimum of a 20mm strut.
  • The handle operates the lift slide technology. When you turn the handle gaskets are lifted and then the panel is lifted which allows the panel to smoothly slide left or right.

Lift Slide Doors

coverpage1Series SI8600 thermally enhanced lift slide door system is suitable for commercial and residential applications. Multiple sill options provide outstanding performance and design versatility. Telescoping sliding door system provides operability to open up entire exterior or interior elevations.

The system offers exceptional air, water, structural, and thermal performance in any condition. Multiple sill options and profile dimensions provide greater performance and design flexibility. Customization of product profiles, hardware, sills, panel size, and testing can be completed upon request.



Nearly unlimited number of sliding panelsStandard finishes: AAMA 2603 Bronze, White; Class I Anodized Clear, Dark Bronze
Endless configurations possibleDesigner finishes: AAMA 2603 Hartford Green, Black, Natural Clay, Sandstone
LEED friendly system including recycled contentCustom finishes: powder coat, fluoropolymer, wood veneer, metal cladding, & foiling options
Designed & manufactured in the USADual color or dual finish options
Thermally enhanced utilizing thermal strut and thermal fill & debridgeMatching fixed transoms & sidelites
Air & Structure Impact, NFRC, & Non-Impact testing availableScreen options: folding, sliding, retractable
Designed to accommodate almost any insulated, laminated, decorative, polycarbonate, or solid panel infill of 1 1/4″ and 1 3/8″Mullions, decorative muntins, simulated divided lites (SDLs), interior & exterior grids
Multi-point locking hardwareNo post 90° corners possible
Custom manufactured operable hardwarePocketing options: single or double sided
Multiple hardware styles & finishesFactory installed weep holes, if required
Multiple sill designs, including high performance sill

Lift Slide Performance:
Lift slide doors have a water performance of 12-15 psf, depending on the configuration.  In certain applications with an extra high performance upleg, the lift slide system was able to achieve a water performance up to 20 psf. NFRC standard size lift slide doors with triple pane LowE glazing can achieve a U-Value of 0.32. With limited modifications, a U-Value of less than 0.30 can be achieved.