Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

Solar Innovations Green Technology

Green and Innovative Products

Solar’s innovative products are a direct result of the Company’s philosophy. Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and green properties. Products contain Stainless Steel spacers and recyclable momentive silicone, which have significant life spans for long-lasting products. Utilizing these products helps structures achieve several LEED points. Check out our products page for more information.

Strong Core Values

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems is a single source provider of custom glazed products and has been for more than 18 years. Solar’s corporate philosophy is rooted in the Company’s core values, which boast driving safety first, making the impossible possible, deliver a customer experience beyond expectation, be better today than yesterday, live and work green, and build strength through teamwork. The Solar team is comprised of talented solutions providers who work efficiently to create a wave in the industry with quality products.

Leed Gold Certified Manufacturing Plant

LEED Gold Manufacturing Facility

After being housed in two prior locations, Solar’s current manufacturing facility was constructed on June 22, 2009 in Pine Grove, PA. The three-building operation is located on a growing 36+ acre campus and includes a state-of-the-art corporate office and manufacturing facility, which is LEED Gold certified, 98.5% landfill free, and 85% off the grid. Included in the facility are the Company showroom, three onsite greenhouses, and an in-house test lab, among Solar’s manufacturing capabilities.


Our Facilities

Campus MapSolar makes active strides to ensure not only the team and products reflect environmental sustainability, but the facility itself as well. The building is wrapped in a transom window pattern and includes a vast roof skylight that illuminates the first and second floor in order to utilize as much natural light as possible. Low VOC paint is used on the office walls, and high performing insulation is incorporated to maintain the building’s temperature. The floor is comprised of carpet and linoleum tiles that can be individually replaced and the ceiling is designed with exposed beams, allowing any lighting or wiring issues to be fixed with minimal maintenance. Solar recycles as many items as possible, including food compost and manufacturing materials, along with standard recyclable items like plastic, paper, and cardboard. The recycled compost is used to fertilize the lawn and onsite greenhouses, which are fed by cisterns that collect rainwater. The office space itself has even been furnished with used, recycled, and reconditioned desks, chairs, and cubicles. Even the bathrooms are designed with green in mind: low flow toilets, recycled content paper products, and foam soap, which requires far fewer chemicals than standard soap. Since standard trash bags are not recyclable, Solar eliminated them in all trash cans, with the exception of the cafeteria. For cleaning, vinegar and water are the products of choice to keep Solar sparkling. Living and working green both at home and the office is embedded in Solar’s way of life.

Every aspect of Solar’s state-of-the-art facility was carefully evaluated, especially against LEED standards and “green” business practices. The facility is LEED Gold certified, 98.5% landfill free, 85% off the grid, and features an array of 2,200 solar panels on its roof.  This building houses Solar’s corporate office, manufacturing facility, testing lab, and powder coating booths, as well as all the metal fabrication.

On June 22, 2009, Solar Innovations® moved to 31 Roberts Road Pine Grove, PA and into a custom-designed facility (1).  Shown in more detail on our company history and timeline, 23 Roberts Road (3) was acquired in 2013, and improvements have been made to create a dedicated wood fabrication shop.  Meanwhile, 43 Roberts Road (2) is the service and installation headquarters for the company.  Field crews are dispatched from this location, and once the expansion is complete, it will house the complete vinyl manufacturing line.

Vertically Integrated

While many manufacturers in architectural market space continue to outsource their components and processes to other vendors and overseas, Solar instead works towards producing as many components as possible within our manufacturing facility to provide greater control over lead times and pricing to our valued customers.

By producing as much as possible in-house, instead of purchasing parts from outside vendors at a marked up price, Solar Innovations® is able to better control our prices to our customers. Superior technical support can also be offered on our products, because it is provided directly from the individual who created or assembled them. If you have a question, we can provide the answer, which is hard to find in today’s market.