Each Solar Innovations® product is warranted for a minimum of one year from the date of delivery. Dependent on items specified, such as finishes, warranties may be extended well beyond one year. Many of the components, such as hardware and glass, may be warranted by the original manufacturer for greater lengths of time. Warranties are issued individually, based on the scope of the project. It is imperative that the customer reads and fully understands the warranty for their product type. Please read the full warranty below for more details. For additional information, please contact the Sales Designer in your area.

Solar Innovations® only warrants the installation of products installed by our highly-trained team of glaziers. We warrant that the installation will be free of material defects in installation workmanship following one year of completion. For more information regarding the installation warranty, please read the full warranty below.

To complete the warranty process, we require that the customer supplies photos of the completed project to Solar Innovations®.

For added protection, Solar Innovations® offers extended warranties available for purchase. Please contact the Sales Designer in your area for additional information.

How to care for your product