Aluminum Doors

Below is a list of products that we currently offer in aluminum finishes. Many of our signature products were originally designed as aluminum with the thought of strength, durability, and ultimate performance. Many of our aluminum products are second to none when it comes to quality and our manufacturing processes ensure your receiving a quality door or window system that will last for decades.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have on any of our products. Because we custom engineer various projects some options may not be listed due to their very specific custom nature.

Folding Glass Walls

Folding Glass Walls have been a signature product of Solar Innovations® since their introduction to the industry. This system offers a flexible and customizable opening and can be incorporated into residential and commercial projects including covered patios, enclosed porches, restaurants, storefronts, hotels, and pool houses.

Slide & Stack Glass Walls

Slide & Stack Glass Wall Systems feature individual panels which slide along a top hung track and stack to a remote location or into a pocketed space within a home or business. This system offers an incredibly flexible and customizable opening and can be incorporated into residential and commercial projects.

Clear Glass Walls

Clear Glass Walls eliminate vertical stiles, allowing for maximum transparency, natural daylighting, open views, and a sleek, modern appearance for any application. Solar’s systems are easy to operate and create sophisticated and functional living and working environments that can adjust with shifting needs throughout the day.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door Systems expand the view of any living space or commercial area. These systems can be used as external entryways or transitions between two interior spaces. Motorization options, pocketing possibilities, and countless custom configurations make our Sliding Glass Doors a flexible design element that complements any space.

Lift Slide Doors

Lift Slide Door Systems are a high performance alternative to traditional sliding glass doors. Controlled with a simple turn of the wrist, the handle lifts the panels up off the track to move with great ease. This door can be opened with one hand and closed with even less resistance. This system provides superior air, water, and thermal performance.

Swing Doors

We offer several side-hinged Swing Door options, including Terrace and French Doors. With numerous custom decorative glazing, finish, and matching sidelite and transom options, our swing doors can either blend in with the aesthetics of a surrounding structure, acting as utilitarian entrances, or they can be the star of the show, with the grandeur of a true entry door.

Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors are ideal for oversized openings in interior and light exterior applications. Each door’s pivot point is custom located by request;  center and off-center pivot locations are available. The large size openings and minimal floor space interruption allow for sizable items to pass through the framework that may have been hindered by a traditional entrance.