Why Choose Us?

Strong Core Values


Our Core Values hang throughout our campus as a daily reminder of what helped us get to where we are today. By always being mindful to Drive Safety First, Make The Impossible Possible, Deliver A Customer Experience Beyond Expectation, Be Better Today Than Yesterday, Live And Work Green, and Build Strength Through Teamwork, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in the architectural glazing industry for more than two decades.

On-Site Fabrication


When it comes to custom projects, we don’t back down from a challenge. From structures to doors, we take the time to ensure every detail of a project is carefully laid out in an on-site mockup prior to shipping the components to their final destination. Delivering the highest quality product is always our top priority. Our Photo Gallery contains over 10,000 photos of 2,000+ Solar Innovations® projects located all over the world.

In-House Testing


Product testing never stops at Solar Innovations. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of product innovation to provide industry-leading performance to our customers in every product we offer.  Rigorous testing ensures that our products will rise to the challenge in real life scenarios when performance matters most. To learn more about our testing process, visit the Product Testing page.

Corporate Campus


Located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in Pine Grove, PA, the 26+ acre Solar Innovations® campus is home to a 400,000 sq. ft. three-building operation. Equipped with Greenhouses, Conservatories, Skylights, Bifold Doors and more, the main office and manufacturing facility (1) doubles as a fully operational working showroom. The other two buildings function as a secondary machining center (2) and a designated wood fabrication area (3). To explore the entire campus, take our Virtual Tour.

Sustainable Practices


Solar Innovations® is dedicated to living and working green each and every day. Since our founding, we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and create a corporate campus that promotes stewardship of the environment.

Our LEED Gold-designed campus is powered almost exclusively by an array of 3,600 solar panels mounted on top of our net-zero main office and manufacturing building. Some of our other efforts include: planting trees, installing energy-efficient light bulbs and smart switches, using low VOC paint, and stringent recycling. With each step taken, our team has made it a point to leave the earth better than how we found it. To learn more, visit our Green Initiatives page.

Vertically Integrated



Looking through the curtain wall in our mezzanine, you can see our process unfold. Whether it is machining our own hardware for Folding Glass Walls, powder coating aluminum, or engineering and drafting our own Glazed Structures, vertical integration allows us to control every aspect of production and pass cost savings onto our customers. This ensures that Solar Innovations® continues to lead the industry in performance and durability, while providing the flexibility necessary to turn a customer’s dreams into reality.