Screen Systems

Screen systems have been around for a long time and in instances where the harsh elements of insects and light cause a burden on your wonderful new set of Solar Innovations® window and doors products, a screen option is a nice addition.  Below you will find a list of different types of screen options for different products we offer here at Solar headquarters. If you do not see a screen option you are searching for, don’t hesitate to contact one of our local representatives to get more information.

Sliding, Folding, window, terrace door screens

Sliding Door Screen System

Sliding Screens

Sliding screens are used on large openings, and are commonly found in conjunction with either sliding doors or folding doors. Read More >

Folding Screens

Folding screens mimic the flow of a folding door. All of the panels will slide to either the left or the right and will fold flush against a wall. Read More >

Swinging Screens

The swinging screen isn’t limited to the terrace door frame, the screen door will open and close while projecting into a patio or sidewalk. Read More >

Fixed Screens

Fixed screens are used on in-swing, out-swing, and sliding operable windows. This type of screen is the typical selection for homes and businesses. Read More >

Horizontal Screens

A retractable screen allows the user to easily pass between inside and outside with a simple push of the screen. Read More >

Screen Rooms

A screened porch is an excellent product when the goal is to enclose an area to keep out insects and harsh sunlight. Read More > 

Vertical Screens

Vertical operable screens by Solar Innovations® allow business and home owners the ability to enjoy the outdoors while providing protection from pests. Read More >