Operable Skylights

Venting Skylights

Venting skylights are used to bring fresh air and circulation into a room and operate with the use of a continuous hinge, similar to a ridge vent’s function. A venting skylight has a higher profile than that of a ridge vent and offers better air and water performance along with a higher thermal value. Like a ridge vent, venting skylights can be utilized in any glass structure, such as greenhouses and sunrooms. Whereas ridge vents are typically used in-system, an operable system can also be attached to an existing traditional construction roof as a standalone unit. If providing fresh air or extra daylight to a room is your objective, an operable skylight, whether manual or motorized, is a very good solution.

90° Operable Skylights

A 90° operable skylight lifts the glazed unit or “lid” 90 degrees from the plane of the curb. This type of skylight has different applications and specific functions, one being ventilation. A typical ridge vent or standard operable skylight only opens a few degrees, allowing small amounts of ventilation. The 90 degree unit fully opens, allowing optimum amounts of ventilation into a space. Daylight is a desired effect of all skylights, and the 90 degree series allows ample levels of daylight.


Retractable Skylights

Solar Innovations®’ retractable skylights are an alternative to ridge & eave vents that can be designed to meet almost any structural or aesthetic need.

Our retractable skylight system is thermally enhanced, limiting environmental temperature transfers, and is now able to utilize high performance insulated glass to control air and moisture effectively. Through our skylight evolution, Solar Innovations® is now able to provide fully operable skylights in glass options to meet the specifications of the customer. Retractable skylights provide clear, unobstructed views and increased airflow for any residential or commercial structure.