Greenhouse Accessories

First of all, when designing a greenhouse, it is probably most important not to overlook items like storage space, shades, and walkways, because they also can be critical to the success of a greenhouse. While it is important to address the use for air circulation for plants, storage space for greenhouse necessities, and ample walkways so you can access your plants.

Glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate compare for use in greenhouse applications. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive than glass but typically does not maintain as well as glass in the long term. A glass/acrylic structure is more aesthetically pleasing than a poly greenhouse and will as a result blend better with a home’s decor. Also, there is also more flexibility in plant growth while using glass. Also, depending on the exact specimen of polycarbonate/acrylic, tit may restrict enough sunlight to diminish growth and blooms in plants. As a result, of selecting glass, the intensity of light can be controlled due to various types of LowE glazing and shading options.

Also, automating your accessories can be as simple as utilizing single stage thermostats and as sophisticated as installing a fully integrated greenhouse automation system. Regardless of the level of automation you choose, since the accessories are therefore designed to work in stages.

Greenhouse Accessory Configuration

In addition, combine greenhouse accessories to create a balanced and efficient growing environment. Our accessories are designed to work either with either manual switches or automatically with sensors, and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

First of all, circulation fans destratify the air. In addition, ridge vents partially open to allow the hot air to escape and windows and eave vents open to allow cool air to enter. Another feature is if the temperature remains too high, therefore the evaporative cooler operates to draw cool moist air into the greenhouse.

Due to an event the evaporation cooler is unable to maintain the desired temperature; as a result, all systems can be shut down. In addition, the intake and exhaust fans can be engaged to attempt to maintain a temperature equal to the outside temperature.

Also, more advanced greenhouse designs can utilize chillers, foggers, and yet other methods of temperature control. In addition, your individual growing needs and the design of your greenhouse will also determine the specific accessories required.

Decorative Elements

Solar Innovations® offers the most complete line of extruded aluminum decorative elements in the industry, including moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials.


Greenhouse Benches
Whether you are potting, pruning, transplanting, or washing produce, Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse benches offer alternatives in height and space utilization.

Control Systems

Solar Innovations®’ environmental control options aid the home gardener and professional horticulturist by automatically adjusting temperature, humidity, and light intensity.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are very beneficial, not only for your personal use, but also for the environment. They are economical, consume minimal electricity consumption, and do not use refrigerants.

Grow Lights

A greenhouse with low light may not produce the amount of natural sunlight required by certain plants. An easy solution is the addition of grow lighting.


Fogging systems by Solar Innovations® provide a gentle hydration alternative for tropical plants and delicate greenery.


Ridge vents and eave vents are an essential part of any functioning greenhouse with a functional, passive ventilation system.

Circulation Fans

Circulation fans are one of the most important accessories for a greenhouse. The main goal of a circulating fan is to create an even flow of air throughout the greenhouse.


Solar Innovations® offers several heating options for warming your glass structures, including conservatories, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and greenhouses. Electric, hydronic, propane, and gas models are all available.

Plant Hangers

Solar Innovations® understands the importance of utilizing all available space within a greenhouse. This factor led to the development of five plant hangers which utilize the space around the eave of the greenhouse.


Greenhouse shelving options from Solar Innovations® provide additional growing storage space for any greenhouse.  A shelf can be added to a solid wall or attached to the rafters in front of glass windows.

Watering Systems

Solar Innovations® offers several watering systems. Watering systems are an excellent method to provide your plants with essential sustenance. An automatic watering system is compatible for plants requiring a high moisture environment.