Complete Glazing Packages

Complete Glazing Packages

Home owners often buy windows, doors, and skylights from three different suppliers, as a result, may coordinate issues, and the quality will vary between systems. Consequently, sight lines will also vary between units, frame colors will be slightly off, and the glazing warranties will be different. To avoid this situation, Solar Innovations® suggests a complete glazing package, or window and door schedule, from a single supplier.

These products feature similar finishes, sightlines, and warranties. Constructing the products’ framework from durable aluminum, therefore it will not rot, warp, rust, or require constant finish maintenance. Complete glazing packages feature same finish and sightlines and supplying warranties through a single glass company. Glazing your products in your complete glazing package will aid in collecting heat by allowing sunlight to enter. In addition to sunlight, complete glazing packages provide customers with spectacular views.

Window, doors, and skylight packages


Solar offers five standard paint finishes, two anodized finishes, and custom colors (for an additional charge). When sourcing through many manufacturers, it is impossible to guarantee frame finishes will perfectly match one another. White frames were particularly difficult to match, as each manufacturer creates a unique shade of white.

Package Inclusions

Solar Innovations® offers complete glazing packages, which include awning, casement, hopper, transoms, fixed, and tilt turn windows. Door systems are available in folding, sliding, stacking, pivoting, terrace, French, Dutch, and arched top. Skylights can be produced to fit any configuration, including hip end, conservatory nose, flat, operable, and retractable. Curtain walls, which are useful when displaying products or capturing heat. Solar Innovations® easily incorporates doors and windows into a curtain wall, maintaining the same sightlines. Resulting, with a complete glazing package with matching frame finish, glass, and sightlines.