Solar R Blinds

Conservatories and Sunrooms use the same blind systems. Solar blocking blind systems are shades which have an aluminum backing to reflect sunlight and heat, and they typically operate on a roller system. The roof and windows can be covered with this shade system.

The system is available in neutral colors and earth tone shades such as straw, walnut, olive, and powder blue. Corresponding window blinds are also available (see color chart pictured to the right). The blinds retract into a cassette which is mounted at the eave line of the conservatory and pocket out of sight. This provides a sleek appearance, as all materials are hidden beneath the cassette.

Roof Blinds


Blinds can be operated via a manual pull cord or motor (remote control functions are available for use with motorized units) when the blinds are used. Glares are reduced while allowing natural light to penetrate the room.

No Creases

Solar R Blinds are engineered to remain flat when retracted and to not crease when retracted. The knowledgeable staff at Solar Innovations® can work with contractors and architects to facilitate proper installation, no matter where the project is located.