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Evaporative Cooler

Solar Innovations® offers several evaporator cooler applications for your greenhouse. These coolers are known for their high cooling performance, long lasting dependability, and low maintenance.
Evaporative coolers are very beneficial, not only for your personal use, but also for the environment. They are economical, consume minimal electricity consumption, and do not use refrigerants such as CFSs and HCFCs.

An evaporative cooler’s purpose is to cool the air. Inside the cooler there are wet pads that are similar to a sponge. A fan pulls hot air into the pads which leaves the other side as cool air. As the water evaporates from the wet pads, the heat is removed, and cool air is the new product. This air is 30 degrees cooler as it re-enters the greenhouse.


The evaporative cooler is sized to fit your specific greenhouse. Side draft models are used so they do not take up valuable space within the greenhouse. The evaporative cooler is quiet,  unlike a traditional air conditioning unit, which is very loud when in use.

Air Flow

The air flow is steady and only kicks in when needed as sensed by the control system. The air which streams from the machine comes at an even flow and is not fast. Plants will not be damaged by the speed or temperature of the air.


Using appropriate shading in conjunction with evaporative coolers, typically reduces plant watering to a minimum. Please call one of our sales representatives to discuss your greenhouse cooling options.

Style Draft Direction CFMs HP Height Width Depth Weight
(in lbs.)
3000SD Side draft 3000 1/3 33 7/16″ 28 1/18″ 28 1/18″ 193
N30S Side draft 2077 1/3 33 7/16″ 28 1/18″ 28 1/18″ 193
N40/45S Side draft 4000-4800 1/3 or 1/2 34 1/2″ 34 1/18″ 34 1/18″ 269
N55/65 Side draft 5000-6000 1/2 or 3/4 42 7/16″ 39″ 39″ 357
Evaporative Cooler Models are subject to change.

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