Below is a list of add on products that we currently offer to complete your project. Solar offers the largest selection of greenhouse accessories and decorative elements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have on any of our products.

Structure Systems

A great benefit of a Solar Innovations® greenhouse is the ability to complete a turn-key project. You do not have to shop elsewhere hoping to find the right accessories and crossing your fingers they will fit into your new greenhouse. Solar Innovations® offers a complete line of greenhouse accessories.

Decorative Elements

Solar Innovations® will also always strive to meet your specific design needs. From ridge cresting to gutters to transoms, Solar offers a large variety of decorative elements to further make your structures one of a kind.

Shade Systems

We offer a wide variety of different shades that can suit the needs of any window configuration you are trying to achieve. We have a variety of styles and choices when it comes to shade systems and each one has its own benefits and situations where it’s more advantageous to use.

Screen Systems

Screen options are available on a wide variety of our door and window products. These screen options help keep the pests at bay still allowing you to view the outdoors.