How to Purchase

How to Purchase

Contact Phase

We have three different convenient ways to work with Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Solutions.  If you still have questions, please contact us or call us directly at 1.800.618.0669.

Each one of our methods below to contact us are simply options to choose from. We deal directly with homeowners and architects as well, so if you aren’t quite sure who or which company to contact to get bids on our products please feel free to call us directly.

Our Dealer Network

Customers and their projects will refer to the dealer, who will work with them throughout the project. Dealers are often able to visit the job site and work one-on-one with the customer, aiding design, permits, and installation. After referring the customer to the dealer, all future service work or product upgrades the dealer will handle.

Inside Sales Representatives

Customers within a six-hour radius who require installation assistance, or those who wish to act as their purchasing agent, can work directly with Solar’s in-house sales representatives. Customers who work with Solar without a general contractor or glazier must personally sign their product quote and drawings.

Outside Sales Representatives

Glaziers, general contractors, and architects who have an outside sales representative can work with that party. They will ensure they receive the best product information and communication experience possible. When working with these representatives, the customer can directly contact their Solar Innovations® project manager after signing project drawings.

Plan Phase

There are various stages of planning due to the large variety of products, configurations, and options Solar Innovations® provides. Our in-house design consultants can help coach you through your design project and inform you on the differences between options. We assist in determining many aspects that consumers may be unaware of, such as design pressure requirements in the area. Some projects require more planning, and due to the size of our structures, it’s important to get every detail right. For structures, after determining a location and deciding a configuration, your greenhouse consultant will help you create a floor plan and layout for your plants and accessories.  We offer many different products that having knowledgeable professional support is one of our strongest abilities here at our facility. Whether you’re a dealer, architect, business, or homeowner, we coach you how to deliver the best product results.

Quote Phase

Solar provides a few different ways to quote and price out your projects. We offer online quote forms, which submit your product request to a specialist that determines the requirements for your project. You can also call us directly at 1-800-618-0669 and talk to a sales agent who will help start your project. Customers can also contact us on the website directly through our contact page. Our quotes have a quick turnaround, and we work hard to give the most competitive pricing when quoting the job.  Please think of us on your next important project.

Order phase

Our ordering process is streamlined and efficient, giving the requirements for your project, shop drawings, lead times, and shipment dates. For structures, we determine building’s framework by its use, so design consultants begin by reviewing how to utilize the structure. As an example, if the structure will be a pool enclosure, there will be a substantial level of heat, humidity, and moisture, therefore aluminum framework is the best option.  Structures, entertaining and dining a wood interior is an excellent opportunity to blend into a home’s aesthetic.

Install Phase

In addition, we prefabricate and assemble our products in our manufacturing facility before delivery. Factory-direct installation can be selected if the job is within a six-hour radius of the manufacturing facility. Solar Innovations® is registered in 23 states. Solar can send our install team, or we can provide on-site supervisors for projects with their contractors. Also, complete the installation with a participating dealer from the nationwide dealer network, or we can provide a list of reputable installers in your area.