Watering Systems

Watering systems are an excellent method to provide your plants with essential sustenance. Hand watering plants can become tedious and time consuming as your plant collection grows. An automatic watering system is compatible for plants requiring a high moisture environment. Solar Innovations® offers several watering systems. A misting system for example, is a watering system which sprays a mist and causes the air to become saturated. The water droplets tend to be larger than those produced by a fogging system.

All systems can be fitted with various nozzle heads and utilized within the same greenhouse. Different nozzles have different flow rates, so different zones can be created. A small amount of water may be ideal for mature plants, while a larger flowing nozzle can be used to ensure seedlings do not dry out. All systems can be programmed to work on a timer in order to control how much water reaches the plants. Misting systems by Solar Innovations® are easily retrofitted into an existing greenhouse.

Watering Systems

Drip Misting System

Drip Misting Systems is used for slow water release. This system is great for gardeners with busy schedules or who travel frequently. A plastic hose with drip tubes attached to it runs the length of your bench supplies individual plants with slow and steady drips of water. The tubes can be filled and the holes can be rearranged.

Riser Misting System

Riser Misting Systems is designed for maximum flexibility. The system is mobile; so, if you often change your greenhouse layout, this system may be the best choice. Risers can be located anywhere on the bench, and can be moved to a different area at any time.

Suspended Misting System

Suspended Misting Systems are elevated above greenhouse benches to allow for unobstructed bench space. In this system, the nozzles are directly inserted into the water supply. The structure runs the length of the benches and it is suspended from a jack chain that can be positioned at any desired height.

Polyrail Misting System

Polyrail Misting Systems are well suited for large expanses. These systems are often designed to coincide with rolling benches. The water supply is located within rails that run the length of  each bench, and there are vertical stakes located at each rail. The nozzles create a fine mist for the plants on the benches.

Hose Reels

Retractable Hose Reels

Water is a necessity in any greenhouse. If a watering can or system is not used, then a hose is the next likely choice. All gardeners know a hose can be bulky and take up valuable space. When a hose holder is used, the unit often bends or folds under the weight of the hose.

Solar Innovations®’s solution is a retractable hose reel, which is mounted to a rafter or wall. A simple tug on the hose retracts the unit’s entire length, preventing tripping hazards and providing an orderly appearance. The reel pivots left and right, providing easy maneuverability throughout the greenhouse. These units can also be mounted outside a greenhouse by attaching them to a home or garage.

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