Decorative appliqués by Solar Innovations® are an element which can add character to several different structures. Each appliqué is cast aluminum and available in five standard paint finishes or custom colors.There are two main motifs: the rosette and the fleur-de-lis. Both of which are very historical designs still found in moldings, textiles, and flooring today.

Solar Innovations® offers two versions of a fleur-de-lis. The main difference between the two is the sizes, but on careful inspection, one design has rounded edges, and the second is more linear with sharper points. Solar Innovations® also offers three different rosettes at varying sizes. There is a plain flat rosette, a more ornate version with raised edges, and a more geometric one with a square behind the flower.

Appliqués can be placed on all glass structures. The most common placement is on a conservatory, but appliqués can be found on sunrooms and greenhouses as well. Structures with ring and collar supports often utilize appliqués for a more decorative appeal. In other designs, appliqués are attached to the middle of decorative base panels or swing doors. Custom designs are always welcome. Please contact a Solar Innovations® representative to discuss any projects.

CA0002500 CA1007200 CA0002300 CA1007500 CA0002500
2 5/8″ Applique 4 3/8″ Applique 3 1/4″ Applique 7″ Applique 3 3/4″ Applique
CA000035-00-00 CA000033-00-00 CA000028-00-003 CA000027-00-00 CA000023-00-00
2 5/8″ diameter 4 3/8″ high 1/4″ diameter 7″ high 3 3/4″ diameter
3 1/4″ wide 5 1/2″ wide

Additional Decorative Elements