Aluminum Structures


From an 8’ x 10’ hobby greenhouse to a sprawling, fully-automated commercial arboretum, Solar Innovations® is the one-stop shop for any residential or commercial growing need. Custom-designed to the customer’s specifications, these glazed structures can be configured with unlimited styles, colors and infills. Being a single-source manufacturer, all doors and operable windows are manufactured by Solar Innovations® and perfectly match the aesthetics of the structure. Solar Innovations® will also assist in planning and equipping the greenhouse with all of the accessories needed to make for a thriving growing environment. Learn more


A conservatory is typically a glazed structure attached to a home to provide a climate-controlled sunlit living space for both people and plants. However, they can also be used as a freestanding structure or commercial building. The traditional, or Victorian, style of a conservatory is often adorned with finials, ridge cresting, decorative gutters, gridded windows and ornamental caps, but is not limited to this ornate style. They can also take on a contemporary appearance with large spans of glass, clean lines and modern finishes. Either way, these quality-constructed structures make for a welcoming space for any home or business. Learn more


Usually thought as a smaller cousin to the conservatory, these structures are often attached to a home or business and configured in a lean-to manner. Using the same high-quality materials as Solar Innovations® greenhouses and conservatories, sunrooms can be anchored to the foundation or mounted on a knee wall. To allow for natural air flow, operable windows, eave and ridge vents can be integrated into the design. Sunshine rooms are the perfect solution for a breakfast nook or sunlit space to allow houseplants to flourish. Many of Solar Innovations® doors and operable window products can also be incorporated into the design. Learn more

Glass Canopies

A glazed canopy is the perfect solution for protecting those underneath from rain, while allowing daylight to permeate. Often used to protect entryways, glazed awnings can support a wide range of glazing types: from curved glass to incredibly strong polycarbonate. Available for residential and commercial applications, glazed canopies can also be freestanding, allowing for a space to congregate while be protected from the elements. A canopy generally does not have side walls, doors or operable windows. Learn more

Pool & Spa Enclosures

A pool enclosure allows for year-round enjoyment of a swimming pool or spa in a climate-controlled environment. The use of glass floods the pool area with an abundance of sunshine — even in the coldest of months. With any enclosed pool area, humidity can present a problem. Incorporating ridge vents allows moisture to escape while reducing condensation. For a fully automatic ventilation system, thermostats and humidistats can command vents to open and close, making for a perfect climate within the pool housing. Learn more


A glazed walkway is typically utilized as a covered, climate-controlled passageway between two commercial or institutional buildings. However, they are not limited to businesses. Glazed walkways are an ideal solution to connect a detached garage or outbuilding to a home or other glazed structure. The passageway is enclosed on the roof and side walls with aluminum-framed glass and can be constructed on a knee wall. Flat or curved glass can be used, with a wide variety of Low-E coatings available. Learn more