Environmental Responsibility is Who We Are


Green Initiative Solar Panels

Our LEED Gold-designed facility in Pine Grove, PA was built in 2009 and has become the foundation of our core value of “Living and Working Green.”

Our main office and manufacturing building utilizes over 3,600 solar panels, bringing us to net-zero energy consumption. Harnessing this renewable energy is critical to our goal of leaving our environment better than when we found it.

Our commitment to being eco-friendly is also shown in our complete recycling program. By reusing and recycling, we lessen our waste and promote sustainable practices that our employees translate into their personal lives as well. Through aggressive recycling policies, our waste is 98.5 percent landfill-free.

Our environmental focus also applies to everything we manufacture. Our thermal-performance products as well as our skylight and structure solutions for daylighting reduce energy consumption. Also, our products include recycled content, are LEED friendly and the raw materials are given regional priority, reducing gas consumption.

Some additional practices we uphold to ensure we are leaving a positive mark on our environment include:

  • Parking for energy efficient and carpool vehicles
  • Bike racks
  • Refurbished furniture
  • A cistern collecting rain water
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Use of low-VOC paints in our products and facility
  • Motion-sensor lights to cut down on energy use

To increase environmental awareness and assist our customers in achieving Green Building initiatives, such as LEED certification, we also provide additional information on how our products help this environmentally-friendly objective.