Greenhouse Walls

Convenient Growing in the Comfort of Your Home

In addition to full greenhouse structures, Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide a greenhouse style wall to allow for the growing of plants, natural lighting, and ventilation that is fully customizable through Solar Innovations, Inc.’s wide array of options and accessories.

A greenhouse wall is a vertical wall that can be integrated into an existing structure to create a greenhouse environment with a contemporary design or one with a more traditional look and feel, a restoration design. To best achieve the aesthetic requirements, the greenhouse wall can be used with a traditional or glazed roof, and the entire environment can be designed with either polycarbonate or glass, depending on design and growing needs.

Just like every Solar Innovations, Inc. product, the greenhouse wall is available in seven standard frame finishes and two anodized finishes, with custom color options available. Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers a large selection of glazing options, including some of the highest performance combinations in the industry. Whether your preference be polycarbonate, glass, or yet to be determined, Solar Innovations® can help you make the appropriate selection.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can incorporate their full line of integrated accessories into the greenhouse wall, including doors, windows, eave vents, and, depending on roof choice, skylights and retractable roof systems, along with an extensive line of greenhouse accessories.

As with every project, the Solar Innovations, Inc. team will work with you every step of the way to provide you with the perfect greenhouse wall to fit your specific needs.  We can work with an architect, general contractor, or the end user, as our customer chooses to ensure the appropriate design and build selections are made.

Contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. design technician to further discuss this or any greenhouse option.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc.’s curtain wall system with a standard configuration is limited to 12psf water. Additional configurations, up to 20psf, may be available depending on your structure design and engineering.