A headhouse is an addition or section of your greenhouse that serves as the “work center.” Headhouses provide additional functional work space without sacrificing valuable growing area within the greenhouse. These rooms are often used for storage, office space, quarantine space, and potting areas.

Seeds can be started or plants can be transferred to larger pots in the headhouse’s potting area. If a plant is showing signs of disease, it can be transferred to the headhouse and quarantined from the rest of the plant population. The headhouse can even be used to provide cold storage for bulbs, cut flowers, or vegetables that would not thrive in a humid greenhouse. Headhouses attached to educational or institutional greenhouses often include classrooms with prostration capabilities.

Interior Headhouse Greenhosue Headhouses
Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends attaching the headhouse to the north side of the greenhouse, so it does not block any sunlight from entering the greenhouse. If the greenhouse is divided into different interior zones, placing the headhouse in a central location to provide a transition zone is also an option. The envelope of a headhouse is typically more insulated than the rest of the greenhouse, because it does not require light transmission like the growing areas. Polycarbonate can provide extra insulation to headhouse walls; polycarbonate walls can be filled with Lumira Aerogel to provide daylighting through natural light diffusion.

School Greenhouse Headhouse Greenhouse Headhouse
Solar Innovations, Inc. can supply potting benches and storage shelves for additional storage in headhouses. Environmental control systems are often located inside headhouses to spare them exposure to the higher humidity levels located in the greenhouse. A headhouse also provides an area for activities, especially if customers, visitors, or students will be frequenting the greenhouse.

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