Horizontal Operable Screens

A retractable terrace door screen can be easily adapted for either a single opening or a French door unit.   The screens can be either a single unit that pulls left to right or a double panel which joins in the middle and then retracts back to the framing.  A retractable screen allows the user to easily pass between inside and outside with a simple push of the screen.  Each screen can be stopped midway on the track and will not slam to the frame.  Several frame finishes are available, and sizes will suit most terrace and French door openings.

B Series Retractable Screens (Pleated)

The B Series screen is suited for applications with large openings, particularly in height, where a pleated screen is desired. This screen consists of either a single or double panel configuration with pleated screen. The system can be used with folding doors, sliding doors, French doors, lift slide, screen rooms, or open patios. Two panels can meet on a 90 degree corner to enclose a space. There are only ever two individual panels, which means there are not numerous horizontal divisions disrupting the view.

G Series Sheer Screen

Large openings are often found on patios, storefronts, and pool enclosures. In these applications, the user will want to open all the doors to enjoy a breeze, while still being shielded from insects. Solar offers a retractable screen with a stylish pleated material.  Units can have anywhere from one to six panels, which can be parted at any panel, allowing the user to enter the room at different locations. One handed operation moves the screens smoothly along a track.  All the screens have an ADA accessible bottom runner and are available in several frame finishes.

Combination Screens

Screen systems are typically incorporated into an opening to keep the bugs out while allowing air into the space. At times, privacy may be desired, which is not possible with the typical window screen. Solar Innovations® offers a combination unit screen. This system combines a blind material and a screen material on one track. The blind gives you privacy by blocking vision, though not 100% true privacy, vision is greatly reduced. If using the lighter color blinds, when a light is turned on inside the room, silhouettes are visible, though no details are seen. Darker color blinds block even more vision. The blind is located on a “spool” on a cassette on one horizontal side, while the blind is on a separate “spool” on the opposite horizontal cassette. The system operates much like a paper towel roll standing upright. You pull the blind out of the cassette (like pulling a paper towel) to cover the entire opening, while the screen is retracted into the cassette and vice versa. The dual combination is available up to 12’0” in length, after that length, only blind or only screen can be used on a double panel configuration. When any of the fabrics are pulled into the opening, they stay where you put them. The panel can be partially opened, and it will not slam back to the frame. An additional benefit of this blind is that it can also function as a projector screen for movies and television.