Commercial Applications


Retail spaces have always used storefront sliding systems to minimize sight lines and attract consumers. This presents their merchandise in a more open fashion. Our Clear glass walls or stacking glass walls provide excellent solutions for any retail space indoors or outdoors. Our modern contemporary look blended with our thermal and non-thermally enhanced performance make any product a great option.


Hotels have various accommodation needs and we continue to provide some of the highest performing system. Solar has a wide variety of commercial products for bedrooms of hotels and for lounge and lobby areas. Our entry systems like our lift slide doors and our folding glass walls are perfect for entertaining your guests by showing off your great views to the outdoors.

Office Interiors

Clear glass walls and Slide & Stack Glass walls are often used as internal separators and can be a great choice for an office space. In addition to those products you could virtually use any of our operable door products to fit your needs. Our systems can be built in any number of configurations and sizes and Solar is proud to offer some of the largest doors in the market due to our glass separating options.


Bringing the outdoors in has always been a great feature for restaurants. What better way to showcase the outdoors then with one of our operable door products. The image shown on the left also features another signature product of Solar, which is our Glass canopies. These glass canopies can be great for overhead lighting and can add even more flair to your occupied spaces. Creating awe inspiring views for your consumers is something we love to do.  Folding Glass walls, or multi-track doors along with our window systems also provide minimal sightlines and enhanced glass options to give your space the protection it needs from the elements and the strength and durability it needs from the wear and tear of the outdoors.

Sports Venues

Solar has been producing all different types of products for venues over the last twenty years and continues to innovate better ways to entertain sports venues customers while they enjoy the game. The optional clear glass walls and other door systems allow consumers to get a great view without having to expose themselves to the harsh elements of the inner field.  With ease in operation these Door & Window systems work great in any sports arena.


Whether its a structurally glazed facade for a private school, or some casements for public institutions Solar has you covered. We specialize in operable doors and windows along with any numerous types of glass structures in addition to help add additional lighting to the spaces they cover. Skylights are also great features to bring in natural light in classroom hallways and continue to be a choice of educational systems around the east coast.


Hospitals, retirement homes, and numerous other insitutions sometimes require seperators and other interior applications. Solar can handle both exterior and interior products to suit your needs. Greenhouses, conservatories or even operable doors are a signature product we continue to innovate and make better year after year. Our products continue to help these institutions bring in the natural light for the patients and help reduce costs of electric bills.