Solar Innovations® mindfully chooses to manufacture and utilize aluminum hinges that are equal to or better than any stainless-steel hinges available in the market. Our aluminum hinges are composed of a stainless-steel pin, bushings, and an aluminum leaf. We provide our customers with up to a 10-year warranty (depending on application, longer warranties may be available). Solar Innovations® Folding Glass Doors have been impact tested and approved to be utilized in High Velocity Hurricane Zones in Florida. We offer the biggest operable Folding Glass Doors approved to be utilized in hurricane prone regions. Many of our products, (e.g. Folding Glass Doors) have been installed and in service for a period of over 15 years in harsh/coastal environments; including doors installed in Bermuda. None of these doors have required service due to hinge corrosion failure.

Listed below are some characteristics that separate the aluminum hinges from the stainless-steel hinges:

  1. Corrosion – Aluminum is inherently a corrosion resistant material. Several treatments/finishes such as anodizing and powder coating enhance these characteristics. Some stainless-steel alloys may tarnish over time (i.e. 304 stainless-steel).
  2. Costs – Aluminum, especially when anodized or powder coated yields saving in material costs (i.e. maintenance and replacement). Anodized aluminum offers a more durable surface compared to stainless steel.
  3. Tighter Tolerances – Aluminum hinges are extruded, the stainless-steel pin is turned to the exact size, and given that these processes have tighter tolerances we can be certain it will yield a better operation regarding the alignment of the door leaf. Solar Innovations® hinges are made in-house, allowing us to reject any product before it gets into the assembly line and ultimately resulting in a higher quality hinge.
  4. Strength to Weight Ratio – Although it may not appear as important as other characteristics, specifically for hinges, the weight of an aluminum hinge compared to a stainless-steel hinge is considerably less. This is the main reason aircrafts are made from aluminum components rather than steel components. Likewise, the reason stainless-steel cookware is being replaced by aluminum cookware.

At Solar Innovations® we are committed to the environment, therefore other than the obvious nature of the recyclability of aluminum we also are proud to advertise that we procure our products in the United States to the maximum extent (many stainless-steel hinges are made overseas). Solar Innovations® operates in a LEED GOLD certified manufacturing facility, and are equally committed to both our customers and community. Solar Innovations® provides unparalleled service with an American made product while helping to create more American jobs. We welcome any questions which may have concerning our products.