Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls

The ability to round corners, span unlimited expanses, and move completely out of sight when open, make Slide & Stack Glass Walls ideal for a wide array of commercial uses. Storefronts or exterior facades can completely remove indoor/outdoor barriers during the day, but lock up securely after hours.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls are comprised of individual top hung panels which slide along a track and stack to a remote location. The Slide & Stack System is designed to accommodate many panels, and typically ranges in sizes over 48 inches wide. While the wall is open, the panels stack into a parking bay.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls


Wide open storefronts entice customers and eliminate barriers between the store and the exterior. Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls create a weatherproof storefront that disappears almost entirely during the day, and locks up securely after hours. With an open storefront, branding and displays can be expanded past the barriers of the store to attract more attention than competitors.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Wall


Office spaces can often benefit from the use of Slide & Stack Glass Walls to create flexible multi-purpose spaces. Conference rooms can be closed in for private meetings, or opened to accommodate larger gatherings. Clear glass or art glass lets more daylight into office spaces, creating a brighter, more productive environment.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Wall


Slide & Stack Glass Walls and Windows are ideal for stadium boxes and suites. By allowing for wide, unobstructed views of the action when open and an enclosed, thermally-enhanced space during inclement weather and after hours, Slide & Stack Glass Walls can be the perfect solution. When open, the panels stack out of sight to create a completely open space without the vertical interruptions created by standard windows or curtain walls. Suites can be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round because Solar’s operable walls are thermally broken, allowing fans to view games from a comfortable, temperature controlled environment.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls


Slide & Stack Glass Walls are a contemporary approach to a flexible wall system and are ideal in educational applications. From elementary schools to universities, you can be sure to find a solution to fit your needs. Classrooms and meeting rooms can be opened up or divided to fit varying class sizes or events. Cafeterias, kiosks, and campus stores can be open to student traffic and close up securely after hours.

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls


In addition to drawing customers in, Slide & Stack Glass Walls offer a unique dining experience. Expand the floor plan of a restaurant by breaking down the barriers between indoor and outdoor dining areas, but close the high performance wall when weather or temperature is extreme. Even when the walls are closed, the increased amount of daylight let in will offer a positive, friendly atmosphere.

Frames & Finishes

Solar Innovations®‘ Slide & Stack Glass Walls can be used as either interior or exterior walls with thermal or non-thermal rail options. Thermally-enhanced frames contain insulbar, which creates a barrier preventing temperature transfer year round. Use non-thermal frames for interior systems, in applications with limited weather exposure, or in regions with minimal weather fluctuation. A wide range of standard, designer, and custom finishes are available, including wood clad and veneer options.

Glazing Options

Solar Innovations® Slide & Stack Glass Walls can incorporate any glazing option available on the market today. We can utilize LowE glazing for both residential and commercial applications to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reduce energy consumption, and provide protection from UV rays. Custom decorative glass options are also available to create a unique look or match an existing project. The glass can be tinted, acid etched, frosted, art glass, or contain applied grids (available with multiple pattern options).