Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial greenhouses are structures which are on sales, both retail and wholesale. There are multiple applications for commercial greenhouses including coffee shops, greenhouses, floral shops, grocery stores, restaurants, retirement homes, and garden centers. Each Solar Innovations® commercial greenhouse is customized to the business’s individual requirements. All sizes, shapes, materials, and work areas can be customized to virtually any request.

Whether you are looking for a small lean-to greenhouse to attach to your restaurant where fresh herbs are grown, or a large scale garden center, Solar Innovations® will build a quality commercial product. Each greenhouse is constructed out of durable aluminum, which will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. The aluminum is very sturdy and will withstand exposure to the elements for years to come. Meeting specific design requirements is not a problem with a Solar Innovations, Inc. commercial greenhouse. There are eight standard frame finishes available along with any custom color you may require.

Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate Glazing

The glazing used within the frame will be either polycarbonate or glass. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive and weighs less than glass, which cuts down on shipping costs. Polycarbonate is available in different colors and thicknesses and needs less cleaning than glass but also scratches easier. On the other hand glass is the traditional choice of commercial greenhouses. The glass is available in a larger variety of thicknesses, tints, and types than polycarbonate. The life of glass is longer than polycarbonate and typically matches a building’s decor better than polycarbonate.

Floral Shops & Garden Centers

Two of the most common commercial greenhouse applications are floral shops and garden centers. Solar Innovations® can design the greenhouse with different zones and areas for specific needs. The floral center will need display space, refrigeration area, large work sinks and benches along with space for the desk. All of these items can be included when designing the greenhouse, along with any additional areas you would like.

The garden center can have its retail space with custom designed benches along with a functioning greenhouse. Most garden centers have multiple greenhouses and Solar Innovations® can create each one and design the accessories needed to operate each individual unit. A greenhouse can be specifically designed for annuals, another for perennials, a third for tropical, and any other greenhouse you require.

Greenhouse Accessories

Each room will require its own accessories used to keep the greenhouse functioning. Solar Innovations® offers every greenhouse accessory needed to run the greenhouse structure. All functions can be automated with a climate control system, or environmental control system. Fans, shading, misting, benches, heating and cooling are all available options to name a few. If there is a specific need you require, let your Solar Innovations® representative know and the pieces will be built into your estimate.