I-Beam Greenhouses

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s I-Beam Greenhouse was designed and evaluated to meet nearly any horticultural, aesthetic, or structural need. Through extensive research and development, this modular greenhouse product line has been made available for projects ranging from small residential to large commercial applications.

As with any of Solar Innovations, Inc. structure, customers are able to choose from basic, starter greenhouses to the largest institutional greenhouses, depending on their needs. The basic two inch by two inch I-Beam rafter, coupled with a leading edge air and water performance system, creates the highest performing greenhouse in the industry, while maintaining a charming appearance. Although the new I-Beam system is aesthetically similar to greenhouses of the past, it is the highest quality, technologically-advanced product available in its category.

For hobby greenhouse customers interested in utilizing a growing environment smaller than a 200 square foot floor area, Solar Innovations, Inc. I-Beam greenhouses may be the perfect solution. In the standard I-Beam greenhouses, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a glazing option of 8mm polycarbonate. Upon customer request, Solar Innovations, Inc. is able to upgrade the glazing to 25mm polycarbonate, which will increase the R- and U-values and the overall functionality of the greenhouse. I-Beam hobby greenhouses may be made permanent under most residential codes by adding footers and/or foundations. They may also be glazed with tempered glass once permanently footed. Please check your local codes before purchasing a greenhouse with this intent.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers residential and small commercial I-Beam greenhouse systems available in lean-to and double pitch structures with either curved or vertical eaves or hip and valley designs. Various polycarbonate and insulated glazing options are available depending on the application and customers’ requests. Unique to the I-Beam system, Solar Innovations® can accommodate six to eight foot spans without horizontal structural supports. Trusses and purlins can be incorporated into the I-Beam system for structural integrity as well as the aesthetic appeal on large structures.

Commercial greenhouses featuring the I-Beam system can incorporate spans limited only by substructure design options. The hybrid design incorporates the best of the last 10 years’ technology into the hybrid trusses and gutter connection options. Options from clear span and truss greenhouses to post systems can be designed to meet each customer’s requirements and desired investment.

With each of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse systems, customers can utilize an integrated substructure or base wall, whether supplied by other, or designed by Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar’s uniquely engineered clip system maximizes installer ease and long-term performance by limiting penetration of the condensation control system. The design also creates rigid connections limiting fasteners and brackets.