Wood Doors

Solar Innovations® is known throughout the industry for delivering the highest quality aluminum doors, windows, skylights and structures. Our fine-crafted Wood and Wood-Aluminum Clad Doors are no exception. Our Wood Door Systems are available in a number of configurations, including Folding Glass Walls, Slide and Stack Walls and Terrace Doors, and constructed of the highest-quality stock, available in eight species. For exterior applications, Solar Innovations® recommends cladding the unit in aluminum to ensure the longevity of the door system. They can be painted or stained to match any existing finish and be glazed with all the same options available to our Aluminum Door Systems. Each unit incorporates the same high-quality hardware as their aluminum  counterparts. Beyond that, Solar Innovations® will work with you to design a totally customized system.

The perfect solution for opening large spans, Folding Glass Walls, or Bi-Fold Doors, are extremely versatile. They can be designed in an in-fold or out-fold operation, the load can be distributed to either the top or bottom and swing doors can be incorporated at any position throughout the unit, allowing for unlimited possibilities.

To create unobstructed large openings, Slide & Stack Walls’ panels are “parked” in a storage area when in the open position. Each top-load panel individually glides along a rail and can be stored either parallel or perpendicular to the opening. These units are also available as segmented radius and No Post configurations with a multitude of storage options.

Our Terrace Doors are custom-designed to your specifications and are available in single and French Door configurations. As with all of our door systems, they can be adorned with rids and/or mullions and be equipped with screen doors that match the look and feel of the door.