High Performance Fenestration System

Unmatched Performance Under Pressure

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems has secured a US and Canadian patent for a High-Performance Fenestration System for windows and doors that provides unmatched air and water penetration resistance compared to conventional window and door systems. The performance of this system is achieved by a pressure chamber incorporated into the frame around the perimeter of the door or window. This creates a continuous pressure seal between the frame and sash, without sacrificing operability or appearance.

The resulting system can be integrated into bifold doors, terrace doors, pivot doors and windows, tilt/turn windows, in-swing and out-swing casement windows, hopper windows, awning windows, and other operable systems upon request. These products feature enhanced air and water performance and have been tested to withstand 25-50 psf water, depending on the hinge and hardware configurations, as well as the system operation. The frame also exhibits less deformation on the frame leg than traditional gooseneck gasket designs because the system seals tighter at higher pressures with a metal-to-metal support separated by a compression bulb gasket.

Another feature that makes this patented system more versatile than other door and window systems is that it allows multiple types of hardware in the same extrusion. The frame is designed to accept European-style hardware, as well as American-style groove and non-groove options. The European hinges and hardware can be installed with less milling and machining than typical American hardware. This allows Solar Innovations® greater flexibility to utilize hardware that is similar or identical, in appearance and function, to other doors and windows on a project. The resulting product provides better architectural uniformity while exhibiting extremely high performance in air and water penetration resistance.

Applicable For:

Applicable For: