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Curb Mount Skylight

Water performance and daylighting have never worked better together.

Welded Curb Skylights

Welded Curb Skylights are uniquely designed to eliminate water penetration. These units are attached through the side of the curb, not the top, as is typical of many other industry skylights. By attaching at the sides, the chance of long term water penetration through the sill pan is minimized.

Every Welded Curb Skylight base is constructed of durable aluminum, which will endure exposure to the elements for years to come. Solar Innovations® can provide an ornate wood interior if desired. Various metal cladding options are available as well. All skylights can be customized to virtually any size, shape, and specific design requirement, such as snow, wind, water, and even hurricanes. Any industry glazing can be utilized in your skylight, including high performance glass and polycarbonate. Shading options are also available to reduce heat gain and adjust lighting as desired.

Custom Engineering for Custom Glazed Windows and Doors

Custom Engineering

Each Solar Innovations system is custom made to order based on your project and your personal preferences with our expert engineers.

Glass Options

Solar Innovations has top of the line glazing solutions for all our windows, door, skylights, and structures.

Hurricane Impact Rated

Our company currently offers the largest selection of products tested for Florida ratings, tested to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Recycled Materials

Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and green properties.

Convenience & Performance

Most curb mount skylights are available pre-assembled, while others are pre-assembled and pre-glazed. A pyramid skylight that is less than 8’0” x 8’0” and double pitches and hips that are less than 8’0” x 12’0,” can be pre-assembled and pre-glazed. Pre-assembled skylights are prefabricated with welded and sealed corners and joints. A skylight that is not pre-assembled will require field-assembly using silicone or other sealants, which have a slightly higher potential of water penetration as a result of installation error or a building that shifts with time. Be sure to select and speak with a skylight installation expert to minimize leaks and maintenance over time.

Uncompromised Seals

Factory assembled skylights are fabricated in a controlled environment when compared to the variations of field assembly. The seals on a skylight installed in the field can be compromised by job-site dust and debris. Each Solar Innovations®skylight is constructed in a clean environment, which eliminates any foreign matter, such as dirt, dust, or moisture from entering the skylight and damaging the unit during assembly. Purchasing a factory assembled skylight will ensure the best seals possible and the most durable, long-lasting product.

Quick & Simple Installation

If there is access to a crane or the man power needed to bring the skylight to the roof, a pre-assembled skylight is the ideal unit. Utilizing a pre-assembled curb mount skylight will minimize the labor needed for installation. Time will be saved on the assembly of the unit, and it is much more cost effective than executing all the assembly on-site. Safety is always a concern when people are on a roof; however, a pre-assembled skylight reduces the amount of time the crew will spend on the roof. The risks are minimized with pre-assembled curb mount skylights.

Solar Innovations® offers Welded Curb Skylights in virtually any size and can accommodate a wide range of configurations, including single slope, pyramids, segmented radius domes, hip end, and more. These skylight systems can attach to virtually any substrate and are suited for both residential and commercial applications without size or design limitations. Skylights have several unique delivery options including Pre-Assembled Pre-Glazed, Pre-Assembled Not Pre-Glazed, and Knocked Down.



Custom configurations available Standard finishes: AAMA 2603 Bronze, White; Class I Anodized Clear, Dark Bronze
Aluminum or wood rafters & purlins Designer finishes: AAMA 2603 Hartford Green, Black, Natural Clay, Sandstone
2- or 3-tiered drainage system with concealed interior condensation gutters Custom finishes: powder coat, fluoropolymer, wood veneer, metal cladding & foiling options
LEED friendly system including recycled content  Dual color or dual finish options
Thermally enhanced utilizing thermal fill & debridge
Designed to accommodate almost any monolithic, insulated, laminated, decorative, polycarbonate, or solid panel infill



SI Black

SI White

SI Sandstone

SI Natural Clay

SI Bronze

SI Hartford Green


DESIGNER – AAMA 2604, 2605§‡

SI Black

SI White

SI Sandstone

SI Natural Clay

SI Bronze

SI Hartford Green


Additional cost

Class 1 Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized

Powder Coat Solids

AAMA 2605§


SRSL 11386

FRSL 11390

Apollo White

SRSL 82519

FRSL 82908

Bone White

SRSL 82520

FRSL 82909


SRSL 45891

FRSL 46646


SRSL 74007

FRSL 74654

Military Light Blue

SRSL 21708

FRSL 21709


SRSL 62487

FRSL 62496

Hartford Green

SRSL 32545

FRSL 32872


SRSL 45892

FRSL 46647


SRSL 46636

FRSL 46645

Fashion Gray

SRSL 74008

FRSL 74652

Colonial Gray

SRSL 74009

FRSL 74653

Antique Bronze

SRSL 45893

FRSL 46648

Wood Veneering (Unfinished)


Douglas Fir

White Oak


Honduran Mahogany

Wood Veneering (Unfinished)


Ponderosa Pine

Pecan Pine



*5 year warranty (finishes available while in stock).

5 year warranty. Scratch & fade resistant; contains no VOCs.

Dependent on shelf life, some AAMA 2604 & 2605 finishes may be unavailable; Hartford Green is being phased out.

§10 year; up to 20 year warranty. Scratch & fade resistant; contains no VOCs.

Adds one to three weeks to lead time.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon color selection, extra cost and lead times may apply for all finishes other than Solar Innovations® stock standards. Color illustrations are shown as accurate as standard photography and printing processes allow. Final finish selection should be made from a physical sample; please contact Solar Innovations® to receive samples. All product and finish options are subject to vendor availability. Solar Innovations® reserves the right to discontinue any option at any time without notice. Additional options, including custom color matches, are available; contact a Solar Innovations® sales designer for details.