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Roof Lanterns

Add traditional flair and styling to your rooftop.

Roof Lanterns & Dormers

Solar Innovations® provides the finest aluminum roof lanterns available in the industry today. Initially popular in the Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian eras, roof lanterns can add an exciting feature to any location.

“Roof lantern” is commonly used to describe a glass structure that sits atop a roof and features custom integration. Roof lanterns are a daylighting architectural element that are located atop a roof to provide a natural lighting element to the space below. Roof lanterns provide natural light comparable to some low voltage/wattage alternatives, while also providing ventilation (with the proper accessories) to ensure adequate flow and efficient air circulation. Roof lanterns can be constructed completely of aluminum, or include a warm wood interior.

Roof lanterns are generally installed above the main roof line. Each system can be incorporated into glazed structures or conventional construction.

Roof Lantern Skylight

Various Shapes

Roof lanterns are designed in numerous styles: hip end, double pitch, dome, pyramid, and polygon. In many cases, roof lanterns incorporate transoms, decorative accessories, and grids to enhance their appearance. Solar Innovations® can provide roof lanterns in five standard painted finishes, and two stocked anodized finishes, as well as, and custom finish. If a lantern requires additional detail, Solar Innovations® can provide custom metal finishes, including copper, stainless steel, and simulated lead coated copper cladding.

Wood Interior

For a roof lantern with a wood interior, Solar Innovations® provides options of solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar and laminates of Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine (straight eave applications only). Redwood and Cherry can also be integrated into your structure, depending on the final engineering requirements. Decorative finials, cresting, gutters, pediments, grids, and transoms can all be added to the roof lanterns’ design to meet the creative tastes of each customer.

Decorative Additions

Solar Innovations® is the industry leader for enhanced roof lanterns.  Whether incorporating additional operable accessories or decorative elements like ridge cresting, finials, or grids, Solar Innovations® will exceed your expectations.  Solar offers traditionally styled ridge and eave vents, which blend seamlessly into roof lantern designs. Depending upon the size of the accessory, Solar can offer either a manual pole operator, arm and rod operator, 24 volt low voltage chain drive motor, or linear actuator motor.  Automatic ventilation systems, rain sensors, thermostats, and remote control options can also be integrated into any lantern unit.  Manual or motorized shade systems are utilized in certain applications to help control light and temperature within the structure.


Coastal Applications

Our systems have the option to be both coastal and non-coastal. By using stainless steel hardware our hardware and material withstands the corrosive effects of the elements in these coastal regions.

Multiple Styles

Solar Innovations® manufactures the highest quality glazed structures custom designed and engineered to match individual customer’s needs with a large variety of styles to choose from.

Glass Variety

Solar Innovations has top of the line glazing solutions which include laminated, dual glazed, triple glazed, & marine glazed options just to name a few.

Sustainable Products

Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and sustainable materials making it a great option for your next project.