Bonsai Greenhouses

Bonsai gardeners constantly need more space to cultivate their plants. In a short amount of time, the windowsill becomes too small to hold a growing collection of indoor bonsai trees. The solution is a bonsai greenhouse from Solar Innovations®. Bonsai greenhouses will have ample space to expand the collection, and to plant, trim, and prune the bonsais.

Bonsai greenhouses by Solar Innovations® can be completely customized to any size, shape, color, and growing environment for specific trees. The finest materials are used to construct all Solar Innovations® products. Aluminum is used for the framework and either glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate will be used for the glazing. The benefit of using aluminum as compared to wood is the time saved in maintenance. There is no rusting, rotting, termite damage, or annual refinishing maintenance when you select an aluminum greenhouse.

The greenhouse can also be designed to accommodate stations for washing roots, work benches, and storage for tools and fertilizers. Whatever greenhouse design you have in mind, Solar Innovations® can help your dreams become reality.