16-02-279 French Creek Country Club

The Solar team recently completed installation on a country club, a project that included two units. Both of the units are G3 thermal stacking glass wall systems with a recessed tank sill with ramps. Both systems feature 2-point lock hardware, and were finished in a two-tone scheme. Standard AAMA 2603 Bronze on the interior, and then standard AAMA 2603 Sandstone was used on the outside. The stacking glass wall systems have LoE 272 insulated glazing. Interior and exterior grids were also included to keep with the traditional feel of the country club.

Stacking glass walls are individual panels that slide along a top hung track and stack to a remote location. This system is designed to accommodate an unlimited number of panels depending on final engineering. Solar Innovations® also offers pocketing configurations, which recede into a pocketed space within a home or business.

Stacking glass wall systems can be utilized for straight, angular, multiple face, and curved openings. Units from Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems are typically designed in a 60 degree, twin trolley configuration. The dual trolleys are located above the vertical rails of the glass panels. This allows them to slide with great ease along the track. The 60 degree design allows for one hand operation of the stacking panels. Solar Innovations® can also design and engineer custom trolley and stack configuration. These systems can be installed by Solar or by one of our nationwide dealers.

Solar Innovations® stacking glass wall systems can be used in commercial or residential environments as either interior or exterior walls featuring either thermal or non-thermal bar options.

These particular slide and stack systems we used commercially, but stacking glass wall systems are great addition to any residential, commercial, or educational building. A Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems are an investment that allows customers to take to open up their work and or living spaces and take them to the next level, and they can be custom-designed to suit each person’s specific needs. No matter your application, Solar can create something that will fit your needs.