Mixed-Mode Ventilation Systems

Mixed-Mode Ventilation Systems   The average American will spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, while the average student spends about 15,000 hours in indoor class before their high school graduation. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with other world events have forced many, especially the most vulnerable in society, to spend nearly 100 percent [...]

Growing Seeds With Solar Innovations®

PINE GROVE, PA - On March 15, 2021, members of the Solar Innovations® team planted 12 varieties of seeds from Fruition Seeds and Sustainable Seed Company in preparation for Pennsylvania’s three to five month growing season. Since planting, the growth of these plants has been fantastic. As of March 29, at least one cell in [...]

Benefits of Choosing a Single Source Provider

PINE GROVE, PA - Whether residential or commercial, the glazing needs of every project are very unique. Because there are so many suppliers in the industry, choosing a glazing company can be daunting. Several suppliers in the architectural glazing industry have developed product lines to meet the specific needs of projects, such as doors and [...]

Planting Seeds With Solar Innovations®

PINE GROVE, PA - As the outdoor growing season fast approaches here in Pine Grove, PA, members of our team have begun planting seeds in one of our on-campus greenhouses. After these seeds sprout and develop a strong root system, they will be transplanted to the home gardens of our team members and around the [...]

Solar Innovations® Earns USGlass 2020 Green Award

PINE GROVE, PA - Solar Innovations®, a single-source provider of custom-glazed doors, windows, skylights, and structures, has been awarded the USGlass 2020 Green Award. "USGlass Magazine's 2020 Green Awards once again recognize companies, products, and individuals that are dedicated to improving the environmental and sustainable well-being of not just the industry, but the planet." - [...]

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