Greenhouse Drip Systems

Greenhouse Drip Systems   There are two primary methods of inline irrigation in a greenhouse - misting and drip systems. The two can work in tandem or exclusive from each other. This article will focus on the operation and setup of a drip irrigation system. Benefits A drip irrigation system is designed to deliver small [...]

Transplanting Tomatoes: From Greenhouse To Garden

PINE GROVE, PA – Tomato plants, particularly those of the indeterminate variety, have a longstanding reputation in the gardening community for “growing like weeds.” While growing tomato plants seems easy to do, growing healthy tomato plants can present more of a challenge. In early April, team members at Solar Innovations began growing a variety of organic [...]

Case Study Fowler Pool Enclosure

Case Study: Laps in Luxury

Glass Structure Servers as Both a Lap Swimming and Entertainment Area. In 2014, clients from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania reached out to Solar Innovations to inquire about building a structure surrounding their endless lap pool. There were a few obstacles that had to be considered during the planning and installation process. One...

Greenhouse Misting Systems

Greenhouse Misting Systems In a greenhouse, there are two primary methods of inline irrigation - drip and misting systems. While the two systems may be used together, this article will provide an overview of the operation and setup of misting systems. Benefits A misting irrigation system simulates rainfall, watering the entire plant gently and evenly. [...]

Transplanting Seeds With Solar Innovations®

PINE GROVE, PA - On April 30, 2021, members of the Solar Innovations® team transplanted seedlings of 12 different plant varieties that were started in our greenhouse in early March. These include yellow and red onion, hybrid and paste tomatoes, bell and Italian peppers, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. The plants were transplanted [...]

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