Base Wall Considerations

Base Wall Considerations Base walls, also known as knee walls or pony walls, can be integrated into a structure’s design to meet a desired appearance, but can also provide practical solutions to common problems. They are typically constructed of block or concrete and faced with brick or stone. In areas where grass needs to be [...]

Greenhouse Environmental Control Systems

Greenhouse Environmental Control Systems   In previous posts, we discussed drip and misting irrigation in greenhouses. In this post we will discuss how to automate these systems through an Environmental Control System. Automation can occur from as simple of a setup as placing an inexpensive timer with a valve on your water supply or as [...]

Passive heating & cooling

Passive Heating and Cooling

Passive heating and cooling techniques have been in use for centuries. They employ inexpensive techniques that substantially reduce heating and cooling costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Ridge vents work in tandem with eave vents and/or windows to either trap the sun's warmth during the heating season or create cool air flow during the cooling [...]

Why Natural Light?

Why Natural Light?   Humans, on average, spend about 90% of our time indoors, exposing us to large amounts of artificial light on a daily basis. Studies have shown that being exposed to too much artificial light can be detrimental to human health and disrupt our natural circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. Sleep issues, immunity [...]

Greenhouse Drip Systems

Greenhouse Drip Systems   There are two primary methods of inline irrigation in a greenhouse - misting and drip systems. The two can work in tandem or exclusive from each other. This article will focus on the operation and setup of a drip irrigation system. Benefits A drip irrigation system is designed to deliver small [...]