Solar Innovations Patent Count Grows with Adjustable Path Guide

Solar Innovations®—a single source provider of custom glass doors, windows, operable walls, skylights, and structures—recently announced the addition of a new patent for an Adjustable Path Guide for Movable Partition Assemblies.

These partition systems are described as including branched overhead rails that, when used, allow for easy operation of movable panels. Path guides positioned with the overhead rails help to support the movement of system panels. Guide paths are shaped and aligned within the overhead rails, providing panels with a smooth transition at the junction between overhead rails. The combinations presented by this patent are suitable for use with both right-angle and oblique angle branched overhead rails. Systems comprised of glass doors, wall panels will be supported by this new patent.

Systems utilizing this new patented innovation will benefit from long-term adjustability and durability. This advancement is just another step in Solar’s mission to produce easy operating, high-quality, large-scale operable doors. In addition to this patent, Solar Innovations® has over 30 other patents and is constantly in the process of improving its work. As a result, there are at least 10 other patents in the pending process.

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