3 Reasons Retractable Skylights are Perfect for Your Space

With limitless design options, any skylight from Solar Innovations® would be a positive addition to your home or business. Almost any room can benefit from these unique architectural features, but here are the three reasons why we think Solar’s retractable skylights would be perfect for your space:

Brings in More than Sunshine

While all of our skylights bring in bright, natural sunlight, Solar’s retractable skylights also let you bring in the fresh air. With increased airflow and circulation, your space can offer a natural break from the elements while still providing beautiful, unobstructed views of the outdoors. If your skylight is located in a pool enclosure or greenhouse, you can open the system to vent heat out through the top of the structure and provide relief for the occupants by reducing humidity. In addition, offices or spaces with natural light show increased productivity and well-being to the inhabitants.

A Unique and Practical Design

Any skylight will provide a unique aesthetic to your space, but a retractable skylight can also add functionality. When you add a Solar skylight to your space, these unique builds can open up the area with light and provide an operable venting system that can also be used for rooftop access. Using a skylight instead of a bulky hatch or solid door as an entrance offers the opportunity to provide daylight to lower levels of a space. In addition, our retractable skylights can be designed in a wide variety of options – they can be enlarged or altered, installed on various surfaces or structures, have multiple finish options, and also have decorative options that will fit any design style.

Rectractable Skylight


Fresh Technology to Suit Any Need

Unlike fixed skylights, our retractable systems come with many technology upgrades that help make the operation of your skylight easy. If you are ever concerned about rain getting into your structure and forget to close the skylight, there is no need to worry – Solar provides a common rain sensor accessory that closes your skylights with ease. As soon as it begins to rain, the sensor detects the moisture and closes the skylight automatically. Another tech-friendly option is to use the wireless remote feature – with the press of a button, up to four independent skylights can be opened or closed.

Solar’s retractable skylights are a great, innovative way to achieve all of the aforementioned features and more. For more information on the product, visit us here.