6 Reasons Succulents are Fantastic and Easy to Care for Plants

Unless you have been missing from the gardening scene for the last few years, you most likely have seen the rise in the popularity of succulents.  Other than their obvious ease of care, there are quite a few reasons these plump little plants are a common sight in most households.

Solar Innovations® talked with one of our greenhouse specialists about succulents as to why these plants are so great:

  1. First, succulents are extremely easy to grow in containers. As long as you have the proper environment for them, most succulents are very forgiving in what kind of container they grow in.
  2. If you don’t have the strongest green thumb and sometimes forget to water your plants, succulents are the answer you’ve been looking for. These plants enjoy a lot of sun and do not like to be wet. In fact, you should let your soil dry out between watering them and make sure the soil has proper drainage. Misting your plants will likely be enough water to hold them over.
  3. Even though succulents require little care to remain beautiful, you do not want to disturb their roots. Avoid re-potting them where you can and just add new soil mix to the top of your pot to keep it fresh.
  4. Succulents are great to fill in gaps in your garden since some varieties spread easily for maximum coverage. Chicks and hens for instance will multiply fast and cover exactly what you need.
  5. These little plants come in so many different styles and colors that they’re a really great addition to any decor. They mix easily and can bring a great multi-colored look to your space. Some of them are even drapers and look great in window boxes
  6. Want more of the same plant? Don’t worry – you can easily take a leaf from your current succulent and plant it into the soil where it will grow roots without much difficulty.

So whether you’re a long time gardener or simply looking for a fresh look in your indoor or outdoor space, succulents are the perfect answer.


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