6 Reasons to Grow Your Own Produce this Summer

It’s no secret that growing your own food can be a very rewarding hobby. With a greenhouse from Solar Innovations®, you can grow your vegetables year-round and have fresh produce in the cold winter months. Here are a few benefits you can gain from growing your own food:

Improves Your Eating Habits

Cultivating your own garden puts some of the healthiest foods right at your fingertips. Not only will they be easily accessible, but their vitamin levels will be at their highest as they’ll go directly from ground to table – with a good rinse in between, of course.

Better Food Quality

When you grow your own fruits and veggies, you’re not only more inclined to eat healthier, you’re also reducing the amount of toxins you ingest. Becoming your own gardener means you know exactly what goes into growing your food, or more importantly, what doesn’t. You can add as much or as little fertilizer and other pest controlling chemicals as needed, which can spare both your body and the Earth of unnecessary pollution. You will also be helping to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are transmitted into the air from transporting produce across the country.

Save Money on Groceries

If you find yourself spending obscene amounts on produce, especially organic, then it’s time to look into growing your own food for money saving reasons. One packet of seeds can cost less than a dollar. That’s about the same you’d pay for one pound of a particular food, except that one dollar will be for an entire season. You can even can the surplus and stock your pantry for the winter months.

Conservation Food Plot

Healthy Hobby

Gardening is the perfect hobby to do with your kids, spouse, or just by yourself. It’s a way to get a little sun and fresh air, all while creating a beautiful bed of fresh produce in your yard. Plus, with all of the work you put into maintaining your garden, you’ll be getting some healthy exercise!

Give Back

Most gardens produce far more than one household can consume. If you find yourself up to your ears in produce, look into donating it to a local food shelter. Not only are you helping out a neighbor, but you’re also avoiding unnecessary waste.

Promote Sustainability

There was a time when everything wasn’t at our fingertips and it was common to harvest the majority of our foods. Passing on important food skills and practices, like gardening, to younger generations will ensure that the future can continue to be self-sufficient.


Although cultivating your own garden is a lot more work than picking up produce at the supermarket, becoming your own gardener will allow you to eat healthier and save money, among several other things. Check out the Solar Innovations® blogs to help you get started with your garden today.