Banana Tree Growing Tips

Banana trees are a must have plant for your greenhouse. They are easy to grow, and provide you with fruit you have grown yourself.

First, you need to find a plant that fits your greenhouse needs. Dwarf varieties are a good choice because they take up less space. There are many dwarf varieties for you to choose from; some of the most common are the Ice Cream banana and the Super Dwarf banana. After choosing your plant you will need a pot that will suit your plant’s needs for many months. This will allow your plant to grow and the root system to develop. Now plant your banana tree in a well drained soil and water it good. Place the tree in a spot in your greenhouse that gets at least 12 hours of sunlight.

If your plant has more than one sucker plant remove the additional sucker plants; leaving only one. Gently cut the sucker plants with a sharp knife and dig out the center of the sucker you cut off. This will prevent them from regrowing and taking vital food away from your main plant. Remember that your banana tree needs a lot of humidity; at least 50% or higher, because it aids in the growth of your tree. Try to keep temperatures at 67 degrees at night and in the mid 80 degree range during the day. Also make sure your soil pH is maintained  in the 5.5 to 6.5 range.

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