Beach House Applications by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Building or buying a beach house is a unique experience. Although each buyer has their own set of requirements, many beach goers choose locations with exceptional water views. Whether your building ground up, renovating an existing property, or just creating an addition to your waterfront home, Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide you with multiple products to enhance your unobstructed view from inside your beach house. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s product offerings include glazing options that have completed Florida impact rating tests and are certified for High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) use. Solar’s testing lab allows residential end users and architects alike the opportunity to create custom product offerings to meet their individual needs and have those specifications third party certified in-house to reduce lead times. Solar also offers hardware with heavy saltwater resistant finishes, designed specifically for coastal applications.
For more information about coastal and beach house applications, please contact Solar Innovations, Inc: [email protected].

Folding Glass walls and windows for beach and lake houses by Solar Innovations, Inc.