Benefits of Choosing a Single Source Provider

PINE GROVE, PA – Whether residential or commercial, the glazing needs of every project are very unique. Because there are so many suppliers in the industry, choosing a glazing company can be daunting. Several suppliers in the architectural glazing industry have developed product lines to meet the specific needs of projects, such as doors and windows, glazed structures or skylights, but Solar Innovations is the only manufacturer to offer all of these products, even for the most complex projects.

Choosing to source a project’s glazing components from one supplier carries numerous benefits. Perhaps the most recognizable is architectural uniformity. With one supplier, the framing, glazing, sealant, and hardware used in these systems will match perfectly, as seen in the following:

  1. Finishes. At Solar Innovations, our in-house painting and powder coating capabilities allow for consistency across all framing. Our anodized, cladding and wood systems are uniform across all product types. For renovation projects, existing framing can be color matched to maintain the aesthetics of the property. Unfortunately for any painted surface, there will be a degree of fading over time. Using a single-source provider will ensure that everything fades evenly over time.
  2. Glazing. The glazing type is critical in maintaining uniformity. Something as simple as inconsistency in window tinting can wreak havoc on the overall look of the property. Sourcing all glazing from one supplier reduces this risk.
  3. Framing. Frame widths, sill profiles, rail heights, and other dimensional factors are also crucial in maintaining this uniformity. With components coming from different suppliers, nearly every glazing system used on a project will carry a different profile. By choosing from a single source provider, the appearance from inside and out will be consistent.
  4. Hardware. Often overlooked, inconsistent hardware not only ruins the aesthetics of a project, but also can lead to having a key ring of keys to deal with. With a single-source provider, all locks can be keyed alike.
  5. Performance. By sourcing all components from one supplier, the end user can feel confident that there are no “weak links” in their building envelope. Solar Innovations prioritizes performance in all of our systems, across the entire project.

End users sourcing all glazing components from one supplier will benefit from the economies of scale. By purchasing at a larger volume, the cost of framing, glazing, and other materials decreases. Likewise, overall cost of installation is often less expensive because one supplier is installing all of the components rather than several installers making separate costly trips to a jobsite. The simplicity involved in dealing with one supplier for all components also saves time and money.

Finally, all systems are warranted under one company and scheduled maintenance can occur during one visit, freeing up time for the property owner from making and adhering to multiple appointments.

The Solar Innovations team can not only supply all glazing systems needed for a project, but also make the process simpler and cost effective. Whether you are building a new glazed structure or conducting a full window and door replacement, Solar Innovations can help you make your dreams a reality. For more information, please contact Solar Innovations directly at [email protected] or call 800 618 0669.