Benefits of Solar’s Acoustical Sliding Glass Door

One of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s signature products is an Acoustical (STC) Sliding Glass Door. The SI8600STC Acoustical Sliding Glass Door was specifically developed by Solar Innovations, Inc. to match an exceptional STC rating with superior thermal performance and outstanding functionality. When discussing sound transference for glazed units, there are two major distinctions that one should be aware of: STC and OITC. OITC stands for outdoor-indoor transference class and is used to describe the rate sound transmits between indoor and outdoor spaces. Today, Solar would like to highlight its STC tested line. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class and is a rating regarding how well a glazed unit can reduce airborne sound. The STC application is tested and used in practical applications such as schools, hospitals, and structures located near manufacturing areas. Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide additional testing for product combinations that are not listed in the acoustically tested section of its website. For more information on specific testing, application, or to receive information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Acoustical Sliding Glass Door, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

STC Acoustical Sliding Glass Door by Solar Innovations, Inc.

STC Sliding Glass Door