Blind and Shade Systems by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Greenhouses, sunrooms, and other glass products typically require some sort of shading system to help create a comfortable indoor environment for plants and people alike. Incorporating shading systems into windows, doors, and vents will help block sunlight, which will reduce glare and minimize heat gain within a structure. Shading is available in the form of permanent fixtures, such as awnings and canopies.Sself-tinting glass is another permanent option that tints manually or automatically at various levels. For users looking for a temporary and more flexible option, however, Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several indoor and outdoor blind configurations that provide an efficient, cost-effective shading option. Both interior and exterior shades are available in fixed and operable configurations. Fixed blinds are permanently attached to the window or door, therefore they are in constant use. Operable blinds, on the other hand, will retract either manually or by motor, depending on user preference.

Solar R blind systems are available in neutral tones and are perfect for traditionally-designed conservatories and sunrooms. These blinds include an aluminum exterior to reflect harsh sunlight. Solar R Blinds completely retract into a cassette when not in use, and they are uniquely engineered to remain flat and will not crease when retracted.

Other blind systems available from Solar Innovations, Inc. include: Pinoleum blinds, Roman Fold blinds, Wide Span Horizontal blinds, Vertical Roll-up blinds, L-Series blinds, and various styles of greenhouse blinds. For more information on Solar R blinds and additional blind systems, visit the Shade Systems webpage or contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Designer.

Solar Innovations, Inc.'s Solar R Blinds System