Breast Cancer Awareness

Solar Innovations, Inc. supports breast cancer awarenessSolar Innovations, Inc. sponsored a company wide fundraiser during October’s breast cancer awareness month, and the Company is proud to announce that the Solar team will be donating over $1500 to breast cancer research.  Inspired by the ideas of Solar’s own staff members, office workers were allowed to dress more casually for the month of October, provided they donated $1 for each day they wore jeans and $1 for each day they wore sneakers to the office.  Any employee could donate directly to the cause, as well, and Solar Innovations, Inc.  pledged to match any donations given, up to $500.  Many of the company’s 150+ employees participated in the fundraiser, and the proceeds are being donated to the Breast Cancer Center Research Fund at the Penn State Hershey cancer institute in Hershey, PA.  Solar Innovations, Inc. chose to donate proceeds to this specific cancer institute and participates in breast cancer awareness to support Solar’s team members who have been affected by the disease, as well as those who are currently fighting.

Solar Innovations, Inc. participated in breast cancer awareness month