Celebrating 5 Years of Tropical Greenhouse Growing

Over the years, customers have often questioned the Solar team regarding the success of Tropical growing in the Northeast. In late 2007 when plans for the Pine Grove Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility were on the table, it was insisted by our President, Greg Header, that at least three greenhouses be included on the property.  We had to prove to our potential customers that any type of growing was possible in an SI greenhouse.   Since it originally opened in June 2009, the three on site greenhouses have continued to grow and mature successfully, and we are proud to announce the five year anniversary of our greenhouses.

The tropical greenhouse was designed to illustrate inground growing within a structure for our potential and existing customers.  For this reason, our tropical greenhouse was built with a foundation which consisted of footers only below the framing.  The Solar team has successfully produced pineapples, limes, coffee, lemon, and papaya all within the greenhouse walls.

To create a welcoming entryway for the nearly 500 annual visitors, Solar included two small ponds connected under the walking path for our Koi Fish to enjoy in the 6′- 0″W x 25′- 0″D x 19′- 0″H greenhouse. Our banana trees grow directly in the pond and benefit from the fish waste while producing fruit annually. Solar is also fortunate enough to have a ‘growing” greenhouse on site, which is home to our vegetable seedlings, flowers in wait, forced bulbs, and house plants.  We even have an “infirmary space” where we can separate those plants which need to recouperate from a pest or fungus without infecting the entire greenhouse.

Additionally, our Orchid Greenhouse has allowed our team of experts to advance their knowledge of the technically difficult species.  We utilize a LowE coated, 240 glass for the greatest success rate. Over 100 plants have been successfully bloomed in our greenhouse, many of which are on their third exposure this year.

For more details on our greenhouses, visit our website at https://fbhssolarinnov.wpengine.com/about-us/our-greenhouses/ or contact us to speak with a sales representative or a gardener to discuss their plants and greenhouse options.

Before and After Tropical Greenhouse