Conservatories for Growing

Conservatories are typically seen as entertainment spaces, but they can also be used to grow plants. Growing orange and/or lime trees in your conservatory not only provides you with fresh fruit but also several health benefits that have been linked to trees and nature. Studies have shown that patients who can see trees during their recuperation period heal faster than people with similar illnesses. Studies have also shown that being around trees aids in concentration and reduces mental fatigue. Trees also help to clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen back into the air.

Conservatories are ideal spaces to share with plants or trees because they can enhance the design aesthetic of the conservatory, while providing additional health benefits to the people utilizing the space.  For more information about how you can utilize a conservatory to grow plants or trees contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative by calling 800-618-0669 or emailing [email protected].

conservatories for growing