Conservatory Structures for Formal Dining Rooms

Conservatories have historically been designed as classic, elegant glass structures, however, over time, their design has evolved into a more modern aesthetic. With this transition, conservatories have become more relevant to everyday construction. With the right design, a conservatory will blend seamlessly into new construction or an existing structure, and they are commonly used as dining rooms in hotels, restaurants, and even homes.

The conservatory’s framework will help set the tone for the dining room and any aesthetic can be achieved with Solar Innovations, Inc.’s various framing options. Solar’s traditional aluminum framework creates a sleek, modern conservatory with the durability to withstand corrosion and the most extreme weather conditions.  Ridge cresting, finials, and other accoutrements from Solar’s complete line of aluminum decorative elements will transform the interior and exterior of the conservatory into an elegant dining room, without sacrificing the benefits of aluminum.

True wood conservatories, on the other hand, are made completely of wood and are perfect for creating classic English conservatories for formal dining arrangements. Wood and wood veneer can also be adhered to the interior of an aluminum framework in Solar’s wood clad system, which utilizes a patent-pending attachment method to attach the wood to the aluminum.

Glazing is another important consideration for a frequently-used glass structure. Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends LowE glass, such as LoE 340. This specific glass, for example, greatly reduces the transmission of UV rays, which, in turn, minimizes the fading of furniture, draperies, and carpeting in the dining room.

Planning a dining room in a conservatory is simple with Solar’s versatile design options. Visit Conservatory Planning by Solar Innovations, Inc. for a thorough guide to assist with conservatory design options or contact us to speak to one of Solar’s knowledgeable Sales Designers.

Conservatories make excellent formal dining areas