Creating a Play Area inside a Greenhouse

In urban areas there is often little to no ground available to plant a garden or for children to play safely outdoors. Adding a greenhouse to your property will not only provide you with a space to grow plants and flowers, but also a space with an outdoor feel for your children to play.

Designating one area of the greenhouse as a play area will allow you to keep an eye on the children as they play while you tend to your flowers. A sandbox can be created using a raised ground bed to contain the sand and a grassy area can be created by planting grass in a raised bed. Depending upon the size of your greenhouse, a small, plastic slide can be added to the play area. Make sure the end of the slide is over a soft area, such as the sandbox or grassy area to prevent scrapes and bruises from landing on the harder traditional greenhouse floor.

For more information about adding a play area to your greenhouse, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse design expert.

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