Creating an Energy Efficient Glass Structure

As Winter approaches and temperatures drop, keeping interior atmospheres warm and comfortable becomes the top priority. This is especially true for conservatories, sunrooms, and other glass structures. Year-round comfort is a frequent concern for users when determining whether or not to purchase a glass structure. However, creating a highly efficient building envelope within a glass structure is simple with the advanced insulation options and thermal enhancement technologies offered by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Solar’s thermally-broken aluminum framework is enhanced utilizing both thermal strut and fill and debridge technologies, minimizing the transfer of temperature from the exterior to the interior. Thermal enhancement, along with metal bending, product testing, and paint and powder coating are all completed on site at Solar’s LEED Gold corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pine Grove, PA.

Standard double- and triple- pane units are ideal for any efficient structure, but Solar recommends utilizing a gas infill in the airspace between panes, as opposed to standard air. Argon is the most popular gas used for insulation, as it is a cost effective option that is commonly found in the atmosphere and approximately 25% denser than regular air. Argon is typically used for double-pane applications with ½” airspace widths. Krypton, another insulating gas, is often used when the airspace is narrower, like in triple-pane window systems.

When designed properly, conservatories and other glass structures can be comfortable at any time of year. Contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Designer for more information on creating an energy efficient glass structure that will keep you warm through all four seasons!

Greenhouses and Glass Structures for Four Season use