Custom Glass Structures

Solar Innovations, Inc’s unique and extensive design abilities allow for the creation of some of the most innovative custom glass structures in the industry. Solar can design structures in both lean-to and freestanding configurations in virtually any size for any location using straight curved bars.

A curved eave, double pitch is a unique, freestanding custom structure that features curves in the framework. In this custom structure, the frame curves at the eaves where the walls and the roof meet. Structural curves are created by bending the aluminum bars that are used as the framework. Unlike other manufacturers, Solar Innovations, Inc. has in-house aluminum bar bending capabilities, which allow for the design and manufacture of completely custom glazed structures. Solar utilizes specialty equipment and custom-designed tools to reduce the possibility of distortion while enhancing the bending ability of extrusions. Full scale CAD templates are retained to ensure precise bending tolerances are maintained throughout the entire process and every custom structure is designed to the exact specifications required for the individual project.

Along with creating the most innovative custom glass structures, Solar Innovations, Inc. makes a conscious effort to in-source as many components of the manufacturing process as possible. Vertical integration allows for reduced lead times and controlled pricing options for all glass structures. For more information about the many different in-house manufacturing capabilities, visit the Why Choose Solar section of the Solar Innovations, Inc. website.

CEDP (Curved eave double pitch) greenhouse by Solar Innovations, Inc.