Customize Glazing Projects with Decorative Grids

There are various ways to customize a glazing project. Decorative grids are used to enhance the aesthetics of glass in doors, windows, and skylights. Grids are typically used in vertical applications and are placed on the outside of a piece of glass, while simulated divided lites (SDLs) and interior muntins are placed in the airspace of an insulated unit, between the two panes of glass. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several grid and muntin styles with various configuration options. That being said, understanding the various types of grids can often be difficult for end users. Outlined below are the main differences among Solar Innovations, Inc.’s decorative grids.

Solar offers two types of grids: exterior grids and interior muntins; exterior grids are always combined with interior simulated divided lights (SDLs). Exterior grids are placed on the outside of a piece of glass, either on the interior or exterior of a room, and they can be used with monolithic and insulated glass units. When exterior grids are used with an insulated unit, an SDL is included in the airspace between the two panes of glass. SDLs are rectangular bars that are similar in width to the exterior grid. Exterior grids give the appearance of divided lites, but when viewed closely, the space between the glass is visible. Since SDLs use both exterior trim and an interior aluminum bar, they simulate a true division. Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends using exterior grids on insulated glass units with SDLs for superior performance and better aesthetics.

Interior muntins, the second type of decorative grid, are placed in the airspace between two panes of glass. Interior muntins, like SDLS, can only be used with insulated units. Muntins allow for easier cleaning, since they are not physically on the exterior of the glass to clean around. From a distance, this type of decorative grid will create the appearance of a divided lite.

Both types of Solar Innovations, Inc. decorative elements can be used in both fixed and operable glass panels; however some design limitations apply. Visit the decorative elements page for more information about Solar Innovations, Inc. decorative glazing options.

Decorative Grids provide Glazing Options